Step-by-step: Building a simple county map with a single metric – Part2

Map showing changes to default styles

In a previous tutorial, we showed how to build a county-based map with a single metric in FactLook. In this tutorial, we’ll adjust some of the styles to create a more visually compelling thematic map. Specifically, we’ll adjust: Changing the number of breaks Using the color palette to assign unique colors to each break Displaying decimal […]

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Step-by-step: building a multi-metric map with geocoded locations

Multi-metric map with geocoded locations

FactLook gives you the capability to assign multiple metric values to a single geocoded location which are then displayed on a map as fully-customizable bar charts.     1. Format your spreadsheet: Format your spreadsheet in the same manner as when using FactLook’s geocoding feature. In addition to the required columns of data, you’ll want […]

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