MOTD: 090516 Labor Union Representation by State (2015)

In honor of Labor Day, we pulled data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to find out where union representation was strongest in the US. We plugged the data into FactLook and the resulting data viz shows a pretty clear trend of less union representation in the south than in the north. New York (26%), Alaska (21.7%) and Hawaii (21.7%) had the highest percentage of employees represented by unions; South Carolina (2.9%), North Carolina (3.9%) and Georgia (5.1%) had the lowest.

In the decade from 2005 and 2015, Wisconsin recorded the greatest decrease in union representation (-7.8%), followed by New Jersey (-5.1%) and Hawaii (-5.0%). Vermont (1.7%), Montana (1/7%) and Nevada (1.4%) recorded the largest gains.


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