MOTD: 103116 Prevalence of Clinton & Trump Mask Searches by State

As if the campaign for US President hasn’t been scary enough, a significant portion of the electorate has chosen to dress up as one of the two candidates this Halloween.

We pulled data from Google Trends on the prevalence of searches by state for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks. We then culled the data to Google’s shopping channel and for the period of the last 90 days to narrow the focus to searches with the intent to purchase. The resulting data viz show where search interest for each candidate’s mask was greatest.


For Donald Trump mask, the greatest search interest came from searchers in Oklahoma, Iowa and Connecticut.  For Hillary Clinton mask, interest was heaviest in Alabama, Connecticut and South Carolina.


Do these trends indicate a strong politically satirical vein running through the residents of Hartford and New Haven? Maybe. Or perhaps they just enjoy scaring the bleep out of their fellows.


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