MOTD: 100716 – McFarthest Point

A FactLook user recently sent us the following data viz showing the location of all McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. in order to determine the location of the “McFarthest Point” — the spot in the U.S. that’s most remote from a Mickey Dees.  He notes:

I wanted to determine the “McFarthest Point” in the lower 48 states (red diamond on this map in NV). I plotted the 14k + locations based on lat/long coordinates to find the “light” spots defined on the map by the overlapping circles, and then used a triangulation and determined the incenter for the red diamond marker to be placed.

With the closing of arguably the most disgusting McDonalds in the world (Tonopah, NV) a few years back, this is the new McFarthest point. It’s probably also no coincidence that this would put the traveller in the middle of nowhere near Area 51 and the junction of highway 6 and the “Extraterrestrial Why” (state road 375).



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