MOTD: 082416 Florida Fruit Orchard Acreage by County 2015

What’s more synonymous with the Sunshine State than bright, juicy oranges? Yes, weird crimes and the term “hanging chad.” But Florida also owns the perception that it’s the nation’s fruit basket.

Surprisingly, Florida’s fruit orchards occupy a small percentage of the state’s total acreage. According to the 2015 Florida Department of Agriculture Comprehensive Statewide Forest Inventory, fruit orchards cover 981,628 total acres, comprising just 2.72% of the state’s total area — a figure that’s remained constant since the Dept. of Agriculture first began issuing its forest inventory in 2013. By contrast, row crops cover 1,768,427 acres (4.90% of total) and urban areas cover 6,086,991 acres (16.86% of total).

Here’s a viz showing the concentration of the state’s fruit orchards by county.

FactLook - Florida Fruit Orchards by County


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