A brief overview of the Select Geography Type setting

The following information should help you understand the concept behind the Select Geography Type setting in the FactLook wizard.

The Select Geography Type setting will establish your map’s base geography layer. The geography type you’ll want to choose is dependent upon the data you wish to display. If, for example, your data is general population for multiple U.S. states, then you will choose the States geography type. If your data is for counties within one or more states, you will choose the County geography type. The available geography types in the FactLook wizard are:

• U.S. States 

• U.S. Counties 

• U.S. Census Tracts 

• ZIP Codes 

• U.S. Congressional Districts 

• Location: Street Address (GeoCoding) 

• Location: Latitude, Longitude

• Custom Areas (based on the above geographies)